Application for personal assistance abroad

Our Mission

Our mission is to be able to give everyone who travels a temporary and local assistant who can make the tourist feel comfortable and protect his or her safety through knowledge of the area. Totally deviating from the world of “Tourist” this project is designed for the activities that are or would be of everyday life for a “Local” and that for a person divorced from the culture of the country they are visiting might be strange, unfamiliar or sometimes dangerous.


Our app was with great care programmed and made to work from a handful of data and a lot of added work.

Android implementation

The app has been made and is currently working for android with every feature,(soon on IOS)


Our app has been made multilingual both from the point of view of using the app itself and booking assistants who speak different languages according to the applicant’s needs.


As the app is currently up and running, we are ready to give the opportunity to no longer feel lonely and estranged from societies other than our own. Don’t waste even a minute anymore behind excuses such as “I don’t know the local language” or “I wouldn’t know my way around.”

Travel and discover the World!

Background Contact Info

Chwego s.r.l.

For any question you can write us at info@chwego.com


Lorenzo I.

Co-Founder and Financial Administartor

Aleksandar K.

Co-Founder and Creator