Our Story

After the Pandemic situation around the world, we saw how tuorism and travel, maybe for the first time, were in a difficult spot. Since we want to help you to rediscover the world during and after these tough times we’re in, we started thinking of allowing business owners and costumers to have an easy life. In the beginning we created chwego.com for people who wanted to discover the places around the world by themselves and after that we created travel-chwego.com For the people looking for something more organized and private. We know that we are not creating something new or incredible…These are concepts that have already existed for a lot of time, but their main problem is that they are always in competition and always create a “find the best option on the cheapest website”. We always wanted to give the best option for every category so whenever someone will say : ” I want to travel” it’ll mean ” Let me open Chwego”

Our mission

Our mission is to create a name that means “travel” by itself. If you try to think about how many websites you need to visit in order to organize a trip you will have an headache for sure…That was somenthing annoying for Us too… So we decided to create a single website or name where you can find whatever you are looking for: Places around you,Guide,Hotels,Rents,Activities and so on…Wouldn’t be better to think about only one name everytime you want to travel? This is Our mission and what we are trying to do. For that reason too, we also have the lowest commision for the bussiness owners because we are not interested in money but in a way to make  everything more simple and we hope we will be able to do it for all of you! We are also planning to create a shop side of chwego where people can find exclusive products from every contry. Products that can’t be find in other websites.



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