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Add your Hotel or House

If you are the Owner of an Hotel or want to rent your house or Room you can register right now as a partner and do it within 2 minutes

Car Rental Business for everyone

If you have a car rental business you can add your company and start making your business easier with us because we try always to give the best we can.

Local Guide

If you are a local guide and know your city you can organize amazing tours with us…it’s also  possible to create an Online Tour on Our Website


  How much does it cost to be a partner?

Being a Partner is completely free, it basically means that you don’t have to pay us anything. The only thing that you have to deal with is the commission for every transition you make which is very low on, specifically 10% . For Anything.

  What if I can’t or don’t provide certifications?

It basically means that you can’t create services…Because we want everyone to feel safe knowing that the person they’re booking with (for any kind of service) is legitimate

   What is the difference between approved and verified?

Is really important for us to guarantee that everyone that is working on our website as a partner is a certified individual and not someone that is not qualified for doing what he is supposed to do. Once someone gets registered as a partner, it’s first “approved” in order to check if the provided info are real and correct. After that, the partner needs to be “verified”…It means that now he can make services but they will not be public until the partner provides us with his documents and certifications that prove that he can do what he claims.

   How can I contact you for any issue?

Contacting us is simple, you just need to go on the Contact us page and fill the contact form describing your problem in order to allow us to help you in the fastest way possible. We are doing our best to have the fastest support, in fact we are adding live chat on all of our websites, so it will also be available here as soon as possible. Until then you can also use the Live chat on our primary website