What is the difference between signing up as a Customer or a Partner?
A customer is a user who books and surfs our website while a partner is someone that signs up in order to offer services available on the website such us Hotels, Car Rental, Tours and so on...So depending on what are you are looking for you can choose between these 2 types of users during sign up.
What kind of payments are accepted?
We accept almost every type of payment ie: stripe which allows you to pay with credit and debit cards, Paypal and Bank transfer. Soon we will also add payments for countries that do not support such methods.
How does an Online Tour work exactly for both guides and users?
The online tour is based on a collaboration with "Zoom", so the guide, which has to be registered with us as a partner, will provide us a secondary email so we can register him in Our Zoom Employees list, in order to allow him to be in the system. Once the guide is registered he can proceed to create a normal tour page, which of course, can't be booked, but he can give you a complete explanation of the Tour. The user from that page is redirected to the "online tour" section where he'll need to select the date and the name of the tour maker in order to book it. Once it's booked, customer and guide will receive an email with the private zoom meeting room to join when shown on the reservation.
Is the Online Tour Live?
That depends on the Tour maker and his ability to use Zoom or the internet bandwidth he'll have. An online tour could be Live or also recorded and commented in the presence of the Guide that will explain live what's happening and will answer your questions.
How long is an online Tour?
For now since is a test service, it will last around 40 minutes. That is because it's the Zoom system limit for free users (guides in this case).In order to make the service longer a guide will need a license that's provided by the Zoom meeting admin...The cost of that said is around 20 euros/month (this removes any time limit), so every guide would pay 20 euros/months + 10% commission to our company. We are aware that in the beginning it could be annoying for most guides (paying for something they don't know if they'll be good at).This is the reason why, only for now, The online tours are just around 40 minutes.
How does refund work?
Cancelation and refund polices depend exclusively on the Guide, Hotel , Car Rental and so on ...it will be specified in the description as well. Chwego acts only as a middleman between customers and partners. We have no decision making on our partners' polices but we'll always do our best for the satisfaction of everyone involved.
Is it possible to deposit?
Yes it is possible but it depends on the partners and how they want their services to be booked and payed. For now, our website allows only one electronic payment per service, the rest of the amount will have to be payed via bank transfer to Chwego before the check in day. Of course every partner that does not respect our policies and terms will be banned and brought to trial by our team of lawyers.