Chwego Privacy Policy


This privacy policy highlights our policies regarding the collection, use, and
disclosure of your personal information collected by us in connection with your use of our services,
those offered via website, by telephone or by email.
With us, our,, MiMi, and sometimes as necessary
given the possibility of multiple use of Chwego’s Privacy Policy and make reference
to Chwego S.r.l., an Italian company headquartered in Rome, Italy.
By using our service you consent to the processing of personal data consisting of.
collection,use and disclosure of personal information by us in the manner
described by the following personal information management agreement.
Although this notice may be translated into various languages the relationship with the user
user of Chwego is governed by the original Italian version and in case of discrepancies
only the original version in Italian, which can be viewed on our site by putting the language
Italian or by written request to site support.

Treatment of information collected

All information about users in connection with their use of our platforms including
those sent to or through it may be collected, transmitted and stored for the
purpose of the best operation of the service, quality, fulfillment of requests
of the user, analysis and monitoring of the service, feedback, personalize user experience,
marketing the service, giving customer support including messaging, backup,
improve the security of the service, and fulfill legal obligations. MiMi App reserves the right to
collect and store data regarding devices and their functions in their entirety
(camera, call log, text message, microphone, location, contacts, history, usage time
app, data generated by third-party apps, personal information and gallery) of users (both Users
and Assistants) to increase the security of app use for both the tourist and the various
contributors. Permissions will still be required from the app in order to put things into operation
such as geolocation of the phone or similar.

Account on Chwego

created the account on Chwego, any information provided during the registration process is
saved and used, the user’s profile may show name and photo or any content
derived from the profile such as comments or related. We may store user preferences. Only
some of your account information may be changed after registration.

Public Content

With the content you create you contribute to improving the service and consequently are of
public enjoyment, thus highly visible to other users ( photos, ratings, Chwego blog posts)

Communicating with Chwego

By using the features of our platforms or creating an account you consent to receive
messages from other users, activities and Chwego or MiMi. We may monitor behavior in
response to communications received from Chwego or through the service. By exchanging messages with
other users through or MiMi you acknowledge that these may be

stored, processed, delivered, including to the same user in order to improve our
service. Any communication may be moderated for objectionable content (spam, requests
fraudulent or requests for reviews for a fee). Regarding communications by SMS or
by telephone it is made explicit that we may record telephonic numbers, operators, date and time, as well as
as well as any information communicated to us by the user through any means of communication.
As you may contact us, we may contact you and for the purpose of improving the
service the communications may be recorded or monitored.

Economic Transactions

Any information provided by the user for booking may be retained in order to
facilitate future transactions,and may sometimes be shared with third parties. During the
payment, the information will be encrypted and processed securely. While we may display
publicly, once a user has used our service and left a review, their
his or her opinions about the experience.

User movements

We may store user movements such as reservations, searches, schedules, or purchases
via chwego.

All concepts that are expressed for our are site, are equally valid with both
access from fixed media and from mobile component in each of its forms including those of
location or gps when active.

Accessibility of our site

Our platforms can be accessed from any device whether fixed or mobile either through a
browser mobile app, any public user contributions will be visible in both types of

Professional information

Any user who uses our platforms as a partner is aware that much of
of the information he or she enters on our site will be used publicly for the
improvement of the entire service and consequently to facilitate the use of the platform both
to the costumer and the businessman. Any information that is entered on our site will be processed
in the manner we have made explicit above. Obviously, to be on our platforms one needs
in some cases binding professional certifications such as certifications or patents (only if
necessary for the activity).

Processing of personal data

The information entered will be collected only after signing this contract
regarding privacy which gives us permission to collect as mentioned above the information,
all in order to safeguard the confidentiality and rights of each individual user regarding the
protection of personal data. Unfortunately, at times we will still be forced for security reasons
or by laws of various states to collect data such as at booking. The user when making
use or access the features of our site automatically accepts the privacy policy stated
in this contract.


Our platforms collect cookies, these may contain unique identifiers, they are
present, for example, on a computer or mobile device.These can transmit information
about the user and their use of the service. Cookies can be permanent or stored
only during the individual session. Our cookies have processing functionalities,

authentication and security, preferences, notifications, advertising and analytical systems. So they are used by
us to make the service work better, for example they inform us if a customer already has an account,
they serve to prevent fraud, protect user data and comply with legislative requirements, they serve to
remember information about how the service works and looks to the user serve to
allow or prevent receiving notifications for the improvement of the service, serve to make
more relevant postings and serve to help us understand how our service is used by the
visitors to our platforms. Users can manage their cookie preferences but are aware that it
can be detrimental to the functionality of the service, the way to disable cookies is usually found
in your browser preferences.

Relationships with third parties

User information may be received from third parties such as service providers,
advertisers, partners, generic or anonymous information, asset transfers, links, audits and
legal notices, activities featured on chwego, integrations with third parties. We allow the use of
cookies across services in order to collect the same type of information collected by chwego and
for the same purposes. We do not grant our access or control over the cookies they use,
it may be possible to deny such permission by contacting the third parties directly but this does not
guarantee that such ads will be blocked or otherwise not shown to you. All
information related to the above public content may be displayed and used by
third-party partners. We may share data provided by or about you to such providers
in order for them to carry out services within their competence to process user requests.
We provide data acquired from or about you with our principal, subordinate
or transferred to other companies, and we ask these parties to comply with the following policy to the
privacy. We may audit and possibly disclose data about you or about you
if such verification or disclosure is essential in order to comply with laws and procedures
consonant with the application of legality (search warrants, legal measures, proceedings
judicial, subpoenas or other law enforcement requests) With the purpose of preventing,
ascertain or unearth possible service-related wrongdoing, or safeguard our rights, our
our reputation, our property, of our affiliated companies, and property of our users. If
a user has complaints with chwego reports certain content, we may share that
complaint with the author of that content so that such user has an opportunity to respond. The
our site may contain links to websites operated by third parties such as those that link back to the sites
of the activities. Chwego S.r.l. disclaims any responsibility in the area of privacy with any
information shared by such third parties. If a user accesses or subscribes to chwego through
social platforms (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc, etc… ) we may receive
information from such third-party service related to the user. Should a user interact with activities
present on chwego thus deciding to share their data (personal data sent to an
activity) those activities will receive whatever information the user decides to transmit to them.

Account termination and retained data

The account can be deleted only under prior notification to our support who will
will endeavor to delete it expeditiously. Every post and thing traceable to the given account will be
deleted and separated from the deleted account owner’s personal data that will be
retained within the limits of the law, any of the above data may be retained in our
our backups.

Use and consumption by minors

Use of our site by minors (under 18 years of age for Italy) is permitted only with the prior
parental permission.
We use advanced security techniques to protect user data however nothing detracts from the fact that
a minimum percentage of permeability of these security systems there is so even with our
utmost efforts to protect this data we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

Contacting Chwego

The user can contact us via the support function “contact us” or at our
email . For security reasons we will apply various checks to
confirm identity in case of requests for changes on our platforms.

Changes to the policy

Chwego reserves the right to amend this policy with more up-to-date versions,
any changes will be notified in case to the user on our site on the date of change and consequently
consequence of coming into effect, continuing to access our service and continuing to use its
features after such changes become effective, you agree to the updated version
Privacy Policy.
Chwego Srl is a limited liability company incorporated and domiciled under the laws of the
Italian Republic

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