MiMi Terms and Conditions


Our App is intended to make it easier to visit each city while at the same time
facilitate contact between various local personal assistants abroad and clients. Our App has been
carefully crafted in multiple languages to be more user-friendly for everyone. Techniques have been
used techniques to facilitate payments through sophisticated plugins that ensure the security of
For any request the response time is incredibly short and we aim in a short time
to having a 24h chat. Our App aims to be a true community and therefore every
request and need is carefully considered and analyzed.
Just to respect the concept of community and to have maximum transparency regarding
the veracity of the ratings and reviews of customers who have actually used the service
every review will be uncensored (unless it goes against the canons of decency therefore
containing insults or swear words which will be specially moderated).


Terms and conditions and subsequent changes refer to everything that is and passes through
Our Brokerage App and on every device. By accessing/visiting/using and/or
making a reservation you agree to the terms and conditions explained having read and understood them.
The service provided on our App is for personal use since the contract entered into with the
Personal Assistants has been drafted differently in order to govern the business relationship
with these, and each assistant in a professional manner interfaces with MiMi itself in making
usable and to the good liking of the end customer their service through MiMi.
By MiMi, we, our(s) refer to MiMi, an app solely owned by Chwego S.r.l., whenever
we mention MiMi we refer to the company’s ownership of the app.

What is MiMi App

MiMi App is an app owned by Chwego S.r.l.; Chwego S.r.l. is a limited liability company

limited subject to the laws of Italy and headquartered at Via del Grano 43, Rome, Italy. Our
App or platform as you wish to identify it is wholly owned by Chwego S.r.l. and has
full control of every function of it. Personal assistance service, tour, escort
or similar terms shall mean the service that can be booked and purchased via the internet through Our App
with facilitated payment method and assistants from the Identity verified by checking
documentary check.

Our Service

Through MiMi we provide the possibility to book a service of assistance
personal abroad with a selected personal assistant and to pay for it in a facilitated way. With
the use of the booking service you will establish a binding contractual relationship in terms of
legal terms with a personal assistant. With the said reservation MiMi will exclusively act as an
intermediary between you and a personal assistant by transferring the reservation details to the same and
sending a confirmation email to you. MiMi does not sell/offer any tourist services.
Our site contains all the data provided to us by personal assistants and all of these are
provided extranet access for which they are totally responsible. While carefully followed the
our site cannot be free of errors whether they be and obvious or typos, so being
difficult to maintain accuracy, completeness and correctness we cannot be held responsible
for any errors (typos, service interruption, inaccurate/misleading/false information or a
failure to deliver).
The availabilities viewable on our app are the complete responsibility of the assistant. The
site is not intended to market or endorse any assistant for quality or level of service,
(etc.). Our service is for personal and non-commercial use reason why you may not
place on the MiMi deep-link app or use the same to resell any goods or services, or in any
use the same to monitor with spiders or scrape, in no way can you use MiMi with
commercial or competitive purposes.
Every service that you use is completely paid for by the assistant, when on our
app we read assistance for a few days, we are referring to the fact that our service merely acts as an
intermediary between the end client and the assistant, who, however, independently could arrange
overnight stays or travel at the expense of the end client for which we take no
responsibility, as written several times our app acts as an intermediary exclusively between the
client and the personal assistant.


The prices set on Our site are quite competitive, each including VAT and
all other taxes, fees (subject to currency exchange) and penalties. The cost of the ticket for individuals

or groups is subject to expiration or validity as indicated on the same, the assistant may decide
to charge penalties in case of no-show or cancellation. For access to historical sites,
museums or any other kind of cultural activities for a fee, there will be no ticket fee
included in the price of the assistance.
On our website you can find cheap rates for the given service however they may
have special conditions regarding cancellation or refund, so it is advisable to check
the possible presence of such conditions.
We hope to provide the services at the best prices.
The currency converter should not be considered as a real-time indicator of
conversion given the variability of exchange rates.
Obvious errors are not binding, including misprints or typos.
All special offers or promotions must be indicated as such, otherwise no
possible to claim any rights in case of obvious errors or mistakes.

Privacy and Cookies

MiMi respects your Privacy. Please see our Privacy and Cookie policy for more
information. MiMi App reserves the right to collect and store data regarding the devices
of the users (both Users and Assistants) to increase the security of using the app for the
tourist as well as for the various contributors. Permissions will still be required from the app in order to
put things like phone geolocation or the like into operation.

Gratuity of Service

Through our app, no additional cost will be charged to the customer since the cost of the
service will be paid in full when the assistant is booked. The latter
will pay a commission consisting of a percentage of the price of the service offered on MiMi
after the end customer has used the service provided by the assistant. Personal assistants
can improve their ranking by increasing visibility and reliability by increasing the number of
potential bookings.
Only assistants who have a business relationship with MiMi through a contract of engagement
independent professional will be available on the site, MiMi is not an open platform where

the end user can make their product available NO C2C. MiMi does not allow non
professionals to offer their services.

Payment Methods.

The price quoted at the time of booking is purely indicative and has no
contractual value.
Payment is charged to your credit/debit card or bank account in a completely
completely securely, through third-party processing. Each payment is handled for and on behalf of the assistant
staff and subsequently transferred to the same guide as a form of payment by you,
as the cost of the service provided and cannot be claimed in any way.
In some cases, advance payment by credit card or
bank transfer even for non-refundable. If a credit/debit card is used.
may be charged or pre-authorized at the time of booking the request for assistance
even without the possibility of reimbursement. Before booking make sure of the payment conditions
regarding the assistance you choose. MiMi cannot be held responsible for:
– Any authorized charges
– Unauthorized or alleged unauthorized charges
– Errors
by the assistant and consequently you will not be able to request a refund of the charge made
on your credit card by the personal assistant, whether pre-paid fees, no-show
presentation or cancellation with penalty.
Major banks or credit card companies usually, in case of fraud or unauthorized use
authorized use of your card by third parties , they bear the risk and cover all undue

Information to know about prepayments,
cancellation and no-show

By booking assistance with the personal assistant, you acknowledge that you have taken note of the rules for
cancellation and non-cancellation of that guide and any additional conditions
applicable to your reservation. In some cases, once a reservation has been made, it will be impossible to
to make cancellations, refunds or changes. If an advance payment is necessary for the reservation
on the scheduled date it will be mandatory to pay the remaining balance or else it will be cancelled without

notification of default. Please read the information regarding the confirmation of
reservation since in special cases conditions may be added such as requirements
minimum/maximum age. A delay on payments, incorrect payment details or insufficient funds,
jeopardize the booking of the service and could be cause for a possible denial of
For any changes on the reservation, please contact the Chat or the ’email of
support. In case of your being late in the day or hour with respect to the reservation, be sure to notify
your personal assistant in time to avoid cancellation of your reservation.
assistance, in case it is necessary our support can help you with that. MiMi does not believe that it has
any obligation or responsibility for Your delay or cancellation due to no-show by
of the assistant.

Email and customer contact

By booking the Tour you agree to receive an email containing your service delivery information.
The evaluation of the personal assistant can be done directly by the client on our
app. Read the privacy and cookie policy for more information on how you can
be contacted by MiMi. MiMi is not responsible for communications between assistant and client
even on the app itself, so all way you cannot claim rights regarding requests and
direct communications with the assistant, let alone MiMi cannot guarantee that each of these
is taken into consideration by the assistant in question.
In order to properly complete a reservation, it is necessary to provide a valid e- mail address
valid. We are not responsible for, and should not give verification of, incorrect e-mails, phone numbers, or card numbers
incorrect credit cards.
Any claims against MiMi should be made as soon as possible , no later than
no later than 30 days after service delivery.

Service evaluation

We want to provide you with the personal assistants best suited to you, through filters you set up and the
past evaluations of the same. The stars shown on MiMi for personal assistants are not
determined by MiMi, but by customers, who provide a rating. Only customers who have
used the service will be able to leave a rating on MiMi, the latter could be uploaded
on the assistant’s page on our site, in order to provide future customers with an overview

general with respect to the quality of the service offered by the guide and used partially or entirely by
MiMi at its discretion for reasons such as marketing, promotional or to improve the service. Any
judgment will be moderated (edit, reject, remove judgment) in case of vulgarity or content
that may be deemed inappropriate. Judging will be for informational purposes only and will not constitute in
any way an inducement of any nature much less commercial.
Content deemed inappropriate by MiMi are:
-Vulgarity , sexually explicit expressions, discriminatory content, threats or
incitement to hatred and violence
– Personal attacks or references to specific individuals
– Promotion of illegal activities
– Credit card data, e-mails, addresses, phone numbers and sites
– Politically motivated comments
Both the personal assistant and MiMi have the right to terminate the relationship for any reason
subject to a notice period as in agreement between the parties.( whether it be for bankruptcy or breach of
contract etc.).

MiMi’s responsibilities

MiMi is held liable only for direct, immediate, actual damages suffered, paid, or to
incurred due to the failure of our obligations. Compensation may be at a maximum
maximum equal to the cost of the service booked.
MiMi is not liable for loss or damage suffered by the personal assistant, nor for bodily injury,
death, damage to property or other rights (special, punitive etc.), wrongful act attributable to the personal assistant
personal assistant, misrepresentation of the latter or other business partners and their employees,
including strike, force majeure or any other event beyond our control.
MiMi cannot be held responsible for validity, adequacy, presentations, warranties
or conditions in any way.
Having read this contract, you represent and agree that the personal assistant is solely responsible
( and therefore assumes all responsibility) regarding assistance. MiMi is not a reseller of
assistances or trips. Complaints and claims regarding the same should be sent directly
to the personal assistant. MiMi denies any responsibility for these and any obligation regarding the
MiMi does not operate in any way as an official seller of services made available on our app.
Any image uploaded to our app, even as an attachment must be personal and the one who

publishes it must own the rights to it. MiMi may display, make available images, use them
publish them both online and offline, in a non-exclusive, global, irrevocable, unconditional and
perpetual. The right to use the photos is granted by the author who publishes them, but MiMi does not own
the photos uploaded to our app.
MiMi has no responsibility for the photos posted, the user who uploads photos to our app must
also ensure that they do not contain viruses, illegal or pornographic material,
offensive or in bad taste that do not infringe on any copyright or privacy rights.
Images that do not reflect the above explicit canons will be removed by the moderators of the

Intellectual Property

Everything on MiMi , and all intellectual property rights belong to Chwego S.r.l. (infrastructure
included, judgments, and translated content). No one is authorized to copy, publish, use,
derive, link back, promote, integrate, combine, and use in any way our
content or our brand, in the absence of our written approval. Otherwise,
anyone who fails to comply with these clauses shall assign, transfer, and assign such proprietary rights to
MiMi. Any violation of the listed clauses and non-compliant use constitutes
a violation of copyright rights and therefore theft of intellectual property.

Rules and Laws

Our services and terms and conditions are governed by rules and laws (and accordingly
interpreted) by the laws of Italy. Any consumer who uses content from our site
unduly and therefore without our written permission and is outside of Italy should keep in mind
that the laws of their country of residence may be used in court. Any
dispute arising out of these terms and conditions shall be submitted solely to the courts
of Rome, Italy, while an action against the consumer will be brought in the consumer’s country of
residence of the consumer. For any claim please contact our support.
The present Terms and Conditions may be translated into other languages reason why
as the translated version is unofficial and for illustrative purposes it loses legal force, consequently
for inconsistencies or disputes the text in ITALIAN (the only original) is authentic, the original text in
Italian is on our app by selecting the Italian language or will be sent upon written request.
In case one of the clauses described in the following contract loses validity all the others
will continue to have legal force and the clause in question will be promptly modified or
replaced with a valid and binding one having similar effect to the replaced one.

MiMi App

The support service is provided by MiMi, owned si Chwego S.r.l., a private company with
limited liability subject to the laws of Italy and headquartered in Via del Grano 43, Rome,
Italy and registered in Rome Chamber of Commerce REA N° RM – 1615331. Entered in the register
of Companies Tax Code and registration number 15805601000.
MiMi (Chwego Srl) is based in Rome, Italy, could be supported internationally by
support companies with internal support functions for the benefit of MiMi. These companies
do not in any way own anything on our app or anything attributable to it and have no
legal power. These companies are not authorized to act as a representative
or supplier of MiMi.
MiMi reserves the right to amend this agreement with more updated versions,
any changes will be notified in case to the user on our site on the date of change and consequently
consequence of taking effect, continuing to access our service and continuing to use its
features after such changes become effective, you agree to the updated version of the
of this agreement.



Contract for personal care brokerage services


Object of the contract

The object of the contract is to connect the personal assistant with its potential clients. The MiMi app acts as an intermediary between the same personal assistant and the end customer.

Service Performance Standards.

The personal assistant must be present, at the place and time agreed upon with the client, once his/her availability has been given, any changes must be communicated and agreed upon with the end user within 6 hours before the start of the service so as to ensure timely and appropriate customer service, the assistant selected by the client with the services made available by the MiMi application must be the same one present on the day the service is performed. Substitutions that are not communicated to MiMi and not accepted by the end customer of the service are not allowed. In the event of failure and/or inadequate performance on the part of the personal assistant nothing can be imputed to the company managing the MiMi application having the same the mere function of intermediary between the parties.


The fee for the service performed by the MiMi app is provided in the amount of 10% of the total fee agreed between the end-user customers and the assistant for the performance of the service such fee for the use of the services of the MiMi app will be deducted from the customer’s payment and the remainder can be withdrawn by the assistant himself with a minimum of 1.00 euros on his account.

Duration of the relationship

This contract herein is valid for a fixed term of 90 days from the date of signing with the possibility of automatic renewal for an equal period. The parties have the option to terminate this contract upon expiration if the conditions are met. The Chwego company has the option to terminate the contract at any time if the assistant himself fails to comply with the terms of the contract and/or the law so that the contract automatically ceases to be valid.

Expense Reimbursements

There is no reimbursement of expenses for the personal assistant who performs his/her work on a self-employed basis and can never be considered an employee of MiMi or Chwego S.r.l. The personal assistant uses the features of our app independently within the limits provided by our IT services.



There are no exclusive contracts between assistants and MiMi. Customers acquired through the MiMi app by personal assistants shall have MiMi exclusively as their intermediary.


The assistant’s and client’s data will be processed exclusively by MiMi except for the recognition data to give way to the performance of individual or group personal assistance organized by the said assistant.


For the protection and preservation of the safety of assistants and assistants as well as clients of the former it is necessary and required in order to be accepted on the app as an aide and assistant to send valid identification documents.


Any deviation from the above contract will be evaluated individually.

Fill out the following format to accept the contract